Long Distance Nursing and Midwifery Programs

Bachelor of Science in nursing (upgrading) 

The bachelor of Nursing (upgrading) is a bridging program intended for students with diploma in Nursing and are well-motivated to learn through blended learning model.

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Bachelor of Midwifery Science (Upgrading)

The Bachelor of Midwifery Science is designed to prepare competent and versatile midwifery practitioners who can provide quality midwifery and neonatal care in a variety of settings. 

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Seamless learning platform 

You basically need a laptop or a smartphone and access to internet in order to learn online. No need for advanced IT skills 

Flexible education 

Continue working as you study, you do not have to leave professional job in order to study. 


We are here for you to succeed in your education journey, we provide you with all the necessary support your need complete your studies successfully

Online Degree Courses

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelors of Procurement and Logistics
Bachelor of public health
Bachelors of Human Resource Management
Bachelor of health care management
Bachelor of Finance and accounting
Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics
Bachelor Of arts in education